What Is a Smile Pack?

A Smile Pack is a joy-filled welcome backpack delivered to newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients at our partner hospitals. Filled with gifts to transform the inpatient hospital experience, the Smile Pack contains items such as wireless speakers for music, wall decals for decoration, and easily transportable musical instruments like maracas and a harmonica. A gentle reminder to take advantage of moments to smile. Moments to sing. Moments to dance.

The Smile Pack also contains a personal note from co-founders Scott and Pammy Kramer – parents who spent many nights on the inpatient pediatric cancer floor. At a time when parents and patients are otherwise inundated with overwhelming medical concerns and questions, this special note serves as a bright light.

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Our hope is to make the inpatient hospital experience a little brighter by transforming it into a more joyful space.

How Can I Get A Smile Pack?

Every newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patient at our partner hospitals is able to receive a Smile Pack. If you are interested in Smile Packs coming to a hospital near you, please contact the Dancing While Cancering co-founders by clicking here.

How Can I Ensure a Child Receives Smile Pack?

Smile Packs are funded entirely through generous donations.  To help support our organization and the delivery of more Smile Packs to more children, please make a donation today.  For our corporate supporters, contact us to learn more about sponsoring the Smile Packs at specific hospitals in your area.