Feeling connected to childhood and to others is a big part of the Dancing While Cancering mission.

Through our annual events, we have the chance to come together as a community to spread smiles in support of our littlest cancer heroes.

At Dancing While Cancering, we hold one truth very deep in our hearts – that little acts of kindness make a BIG difference. That reality is on full display every year during our annual Smile-a-Thon. Starting at midnight on June 26th and continuing for 26 straight hours, we ask our supporters across the country to join together to make a one-time donation of $26. These little acts of kindness help support the big differences we hope to make in the lives of kids battling cancer.

Why June 26th? On June 26th, 2014, Maddie Kramer came into this world the way she’ll always be remembered…smiling! As Maddie’s impact on this world continues, we honor the special day that defines her everlasting legacy. A little and beautiful girl making a big and beautiful difference.

Looking to break a sweat and help bring smiles at the same time? Every April, friends of Dancing While Cancering hop on their tricycles, bicycles or even Pelotons and ride to help support our mission of bringing joy to the hospital experience for kids with cancer.

With our community of supporters living across the country, we encourage you to gather with your friends and family (and anyone else who makes you smile) to ride wherever and however you choose.

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