Dear Friends,

Dancing While Cancering was inspired by our daughter, Maddie, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer just months before her third birthday. We quickly realized that while we could not control the outcome of Maddie’s cancer, we possessed the power to influence the lens through which her little eyes experienced cancer. We committed ourselves to embracing Maddie’s diagnosis and providing her the tools to maintain her toddler innocence.

Maddie ended up teaching us more about life than we ever could have possibly taught her. Most incredibly, Maddie showed us that life does not stop with cancer. Whether in the hospital halls or within bedroom walls, Maddie never stopped being a kid. She never stopped playing. She never stopped singing. And, she never stopped dancing. Throughout the eight-plus months of her cancer treatment, Maddie was dancing while cancering.

Our hope is to spread Maddie’s positive energy to other childhood cancer heroes. Dancing While Cancering is committed to fighting the darker hospital moments with the bright light that Maddie shined upon her battle with cancer. We know firsthand the scars that come with a war against cancer. But we will forever heed Maddie’s battle cry: Keep Dancing!

With love,
The Kramer Family

During Maddie’s journey, writing became a source of both inspiration and emotional release. To learn more about Maddie’s inspirational impact, and how her light continues to shine on the world around us, check out our Blog and Book below.