Signature Programs are the foundation of Dancing While Cancering, as they translate your generosity directly into tangible gifts and experiences that bring joy to the hospital experience for newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients.

A Smile Pack is a joy-filled welcome backpack delivered to newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients at select partner hospitals. Filled with gifts that make the hospital experience a little brighter, Smile Packs contain items such as wireless speakers for music, wall decals for room decoration and easily transportable musical instruments. Gentle reminders to take advantage of the little moments that make us smile.

Smile Packs are funded entirely through generous donations.

Our son got diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma (a rare cancer) in February 2023.  He got his tumor removed and started his 20 week radiation and chemo journey in March.  This has been earth shattering for our family and we are still navigating all these changes.  Our first time in the hospital was 5 days.  The chemo was very hard on our son. It was all very scary and new.  Dancing While Cancering delivered your gift bag on day 2 of chemo when we were at our lowest.   It was perfect timing and truly lifted everyone’s spirits. As parents,  there are no words that can show our gratitude for the smile you put on our son’s face.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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There is no more powerful escape for children in a hospital than imaginative play. Through Maddie’s Character Closet program, we donate organized sets of toy “character” families for patients to enjoy during their time in the hospital.

Whether a child is waiting for their infusion, playing in the oncology playroom or confined to their hospital room, Maddie’s Character Closets offer a playful reprieve from the harsh reality of cancer treatment.

We lived 8 months on that floor and your little boxes saved us while also creating so many memories for our family.

There’s no limit to the ways we can bring smiles! We love working directly with our partner hospitals to bring joy in ways that are unique to their needs. Whether through monthly donut deliveries, bedside craft kits, library installations, playroom renovations, customized care packages or room decorations for children undergoing isolating treatments or prolonged hospital stays, Dancing While Cancering tailors our initiatives to the unique needs of our hospital partners and their patients.

Do you or someone you know have a unique need or initiative that could use a touch of joy? We would love to hear from you!